'23.5 Degrees' - Comic Antholoy

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Original Mini Comic

" 23.5 Degrees--named after the Earth's axial tilt--is a comic anthology containing eighteen separate stories by individual comic artists, each based around one of the Earth's four seasons.  With stories spanning across multiple genres such as horror, fantasy, romance, and slice-of-life, 23.5 Degrees has a story for everyone."

  •   102 pgs
  •   18 contributors & stories
  •   5.5 " x 8.5" in (139.7mm x 215.9mm)
  •   B&W ink w/ colored interior & exterior covers

Editor & Cover Illustration: Julia Hagerty

Contributors:  Brittani Alexia, Blubat, Anderson Carmen, Richard Gal├ín, Julia Hagerty, Conner Hannin, Logan Hendry, Connie Hernandez, Queenie Ng, Steph Pai, Salem Powell, Raeonda Ramotaur, Samby Sayward, A. Semler, Ahmara Smith, Alyx White, Masha Zhdanova

Unsigned unless requested. Physical copies come without watermarks.